Mayhem Maker.

I mainly do sketches and short-form films for my own entertainment. I was an Associate Producer on 9 episodes of DykeCentral and a Co-Producer on the martial arts action comedy, "Unlucky Stars." I'm currently in Post-Production on my short film, "ALLY3000" and seeking sponsors/investors for my first feature, "Dis-Graced," which is loosely based on my experiences coming out (and coming out) of a fundamentalist Christian cult. Supermodel/super-activist Rain Dove is attached.

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an introverts world

"Part of your World" parody that a YouTuber (rhymes with Nessa Tetting) stole the lyrics to and went viral to 3.1 MILLION. Her celebrity lawyer said that "my lyrics had no value" but eventually she owned up to the fact that it was appropriation and NOT just appreciation. 


Silly sketch I filmed in a day for the interwebs.